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Hip boutique Hotel Chez Swann

It seems like everyone I know is raving about Swann lately. No not in reference to the psychological thriller but the theatrical and whimsical Montreal boutique Hotel Chez Swann- a magical space that is a new urban gem in the hostelry block . With its rich textures, vivid colors and unique fixtures, Chez Swann inspires all the right fantasy for a perfect getaway.

Once a garment factory, the hotel opened in mid-2010 and has since been host to several hip happenings such as Anne-Marie Losique’s media launch of her new sizzling TV channel. The lure of the entertainment world is inevitable as the space evokes a rich realm of design and art.

Niched in the heart of downtown, Chez Swann was conceived by American designer Mary Moegenburg and owner Richard Lavallée whom they commissioned several Quebec artisans to create novel infrastructures such as a vivid-blue neon light installation found behind the front desk, the lobby’s s-shape snakeskin bench, and a silver beaded curtain.

Featuring 23 rooms with not one similar to the next, as a guest, you’ll feel like you’ve dived down a rabbit hole of lucky stars when you discovered this chic and hip 4-star boutique hotel.

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