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Haroon Mirza

For those of you who like to stimulate the ears along with the eyes I suggest you check out emerging British artist Haroon Mirza.

Mirza has been gaining attention since winning the Northern Art Prize in 2010 and will be included in the upcoming 54th Venice Biennale. The artist hacks electronic equipment sourced from junkshops and second hand stores to create installations that include objects, light, sound, and video (and often water!) The forms of the objects, old speaker boxes, glass cubes, strings of lights, and laser beams, can be read formally, and the dismembered electronics and retro furniture gives the pieces a nostalgic or even melancholic feel, but they all serve a function in the production of the sound elements.

In this video Mirza talks about his show earlier this year at Lisson Gallery, London.

The sound aspect is what is most interesting about this work. Most of the noises seem to occur accidentally, through the interference of wiring, the movement of water, or the skipping of modified cds and vinyl. The apparently random buzzes and pops are carefully orchestrated into a rhythmic and very deliberate composition.  In an exhibition the physical objects seem to compose independent installations or sculptures, however the sounds they produce intermingle throughout the space as a whole, blending together the individual pieces.

After searching through his website a bit I also really enjoyed his unconventional use of projections that are fragmented and shattered around the spaces by using misshapen, reflective, and sometimes moving surfaces on which to project.  Again this serves to confuse the boundaries of where the works begin and end.

This just in, Haroon Mirza won the Silver Lion for a promising young artist at the 54th Venice Biennale. Congratulations!

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