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Go Figure…

The unlikely pairing by DHC Gallery of  Belgian sculptor Berlinde De Bruyckere and American painter John Currin is shaping up to be one of this summers shows not to be missed. Currin paints the figure, usually women, using old masters techniques, however his provocative subjects are fetishized and look more like something out of a 50’s pin-up calendar.  Here is “Rachel in Fur” and “The Bra Shop”.

De Bruyckere uses horse-hair to create abstracted versions of the animal that invariably also reference the figure. Her disturbingly ambiguous forms, come across like images from a distant memory, or a dream that was interrupted. Even more discomforting are the more human-like figures that seem to be morphing into tree-growths, displayed in cabinets like some curiosity display.  Here are “Speechless Grey Horse”, and “Marthe”.

The show opens at the end of June and runs until November 13th.

George Condo just wrapped-up a very successful show of his cartoonish portraits at the New Museum in New York last month. “The Insane Queen” opened this installment, and here are “Study for the Actor”,  and “Smiling Girl with Black Hair”.

Also this month I have been looking at the work of German artist Georg Baselitz. Known mainly as a painter, his output as a sculptor has been really interesting. While the forms of some of these portraits can be just as disturbing as some of the other work we looked at this month, the application of bright colours make them seem quite cheerful in comparison! Here is “Woman of Dresden- Karla”,  “Volk Ding Zero”, and “G-Head”.

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