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Girls with Slingshots!

I had so much fun writing about great webcomics last time that I thought I’d introduce you to one of my other favourites: Girls with Slingshots. Written by Danielle Corsetto, Girls with Slingshots tells the story of Hazel Tellington, a sarcastic, often drunk, and frequently unemployed twenty-something.

The comic reads like a mix of Friends and How I Met Your Mother, with a little of bit of Sex and the City thrown in for good measure. There’s also a great cast of characters, including cute-as-a-button best friend Jamie, barista Jameson, blogger Maureen, cab driver Zach, boss-turned-roommate Thea, and dominatrix/librarian Clarice. Oh, and there’s also Sprinkles, the “special” kitty, and McPedro the talking, Scottish-accented cactus. It is a comic after all.

Girls with Slingshots updates Monday through Friday, and I really do recommend it. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the characters and having a little bit of the story to wake up to everyday. The comic has been going since 2004, so there’s a lot of opportunity to really get into the story and learn to love the characters.

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