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For the Love of Art – 2011 Artists

While many galleries are busy installing fresh shows in the New Year, gallery goers are busy with the daily grind and checking out art gets moved to the back burner. I’m no exception, as I haven’t had much time to get out and see new shows so I will take the opportunity to share some art that friends have recommended to me.

Before I do that I want to mention one small show I had a chance to visit before the holidays and that was John Francis Fractured at Galerie Donald Browne in the Belgo building.

I had seen a couple of Francis’ broken tile pieces before but this was the first time to see so many in one place. I have been reading about the history of minimalism over the break and this work is a good reference for how minimalism is being interpreted today. As well, for this show Francis has included a couple of other cracked porcelain pieces, a sink and a toilet, highlighting the industrial design of these objects as well as a nod to Duchamps urinal.

Next up, a friend has highly recommended to me that I make it down to Toronto to see the El Anatsui exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum. Up until the end of February this show features work completed by the artist over the last four decades.

Best known are his wall hangings woven from metal shards but that hang like fabric or flags but this show also includes some of his freestanding and wooden pieces as well.

Last up I’d like to mention Kevin Francis Gray.

I’ve only seen images of his work so far but I’m obsessed with his sculptures that translates classic figures and drapery into ultramodern subcultures like metal and goth.

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