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Four artists of note…

This month’s selection of artists is a bit random but one thing they have in common is that whatever medium they work in, they all make for striking imagery. For the most part I learned about these artists in a great book that a friend recently loaned me: 100 New Artists, ed. By Francesca Gavin and published by Laurence King in 2011.

First up, (and the one artist not from the book) is New York based artist Saimon Chow.  Chow works in a variety of media, but I was really struck by his drawings, especially the series called Summer of Love. You can see the rest of the series, and order prints, on his website.

British artist Sam Griffin also works with drawing but in much subtler way. What appears as technical studies of architectural form are actually heavily inspired by politics, history, and symbolism.   I especially enjoy how Griffins’ subjects range from pre-historic stone dwellings to 70’s concrete architecture, but the delicate renderings give them an equal timeless quality.

Originally from Australia but currently working out of London, Harry Burden is another multi-talented artist. His print work puts classical sculpture in some decidedly contemporary contexts, while his sculpture works from similar sources but then startlingly distorts them.

Last up, Providence, Rhode Island based, Ben Jones crosses boundaries, from sculpture and installation, to painting, print, and video work, working both in an art context and commercially. Uniting all of his output is his use of eye-popping color, especially effective on his 3d pieces where he plays with shading and contrast that has translated really well over into his work on music videos.

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