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For the LOVE of ART – Sound Art

Modular Strukt - For the Love of Art

Carsten Nicolai is an artist whose work appeals as much to science geeks as it does to art lovers. As a sound artist he has released prolifically on Raster-Noton under the names Alva Noto or simply Noto. With his conceptual art he explores sound as a physical experience, and uses technology to make sound visual or even to convert it into a physical object. For instance, In Yes/No Nicolai used the sound waves produced by Laurie Anderson speaking the words yes and no, to create two unique aluminum sculptures of the waveforms.


The looming geometrical monolith Anti actually contains a Theremin that interacts with approaching viewers by sensing their magnetic field and altering the sound accordingly. The sound becomes a physical experience, existing somewhere between the viewer and the object.

Anti - For the Love of Art

Milch documents cymatics, or the effects of sound waves as they react with the surface tension of liquids, in this case milk. Using sub-base frequencies that are indiscernible to the human ear, instead they are made visible through the patterns that appear on the surface of the liquid. The patterns range from chaotic, to mathematically precise.

Milch - For the Love of Art

Syn Chron is a sculpture that merges architecture, sound, and light to create an immersive environment. The object itself produces sound, while the walls are screens that surround the visitor with projections. The sound and visuals are synchronized, while the unusual geometry of the space disorients the viewer, allowing all elements of the piece to contribute equally to the sense of location.

Syn Chron

Syn Chron

On a different note, I also want to draw your attention to No Commercial Value, an interesting concept in an online gallery. Much like a gallery out there in the physical world, the site features curated, themed exhibitions, but these are online and change weekly. The variety of work presented ranges from image-based work such as photography and video (both new and old), to extensive writings, sound, and work produced exclusively for web use such as flash-based games and hyperlinks, often with a social commentary bite to them.

NCV - For the Love of Art

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