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For the LOVE of ART

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Jonathan Schipper is an artist whose work I have been following for a few years now. I first encountered his site while doing research for a course on the use of technology in contemporary art.

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Schipper is a bit of an anomaly in that unlike many of the other artists we looked at he dislikes and distrusts his chosen medium. In today’s world where technology is presented as the bringer of choice and freedom, subservient to our needs, Schipper instead presents us with bodies controlled by the mechanics, limited and overwhelmed by the strength of machines.

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Some of his work is a sort of Frankenstein hybrid of natural and mechanical elements whose merger both emphasizes their differences and highlights some surprising similarities. Be sure to check out his website for videos to get a better idea of the movements of some of these pieces.

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I was happy to see that The Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle, originally presented as a model of a slow motion car crash, has been recreated using real cars. In this piece two cars are mechanically brought together in a head-on collision, however the process lasts the duration of the exhibition, so slowly that the movement is imperceptible. The violent act of a car crash is rendered safe, and the experience lies in the anticipation of the violence, not the actual witnessing of it. Certainly this piece has taken on an extra level of metaphor given the events of the American car industry over the post year or so.

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In two recent pieces, The Inherent Beauty in a Failed Attempt to Reconstruct, and Measuring Angst the mechanical repetition of a seemingly random act, a dropped teacup or a beer bottle smashed on a wall, highlights the drive and limitations of science and mathematics to understand all things. I think Measuring Angst is particularly successful in that the motion it recreates is not entirely due to natural forces but is a sudden act of emotion. The mechanical reproduction strips the act of this emotion.

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