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“Fashionable T.V.”

If you’ve ever watched the show Sex and the City, you will know how important of a role fashion played in the plot of the story line. People tuned in to the show to watch the crazy, yet always stylish and fashion forward ensembles Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw would wear as much as they would follow the whole “Big” love story. Many fashion pieces will always be associated to the show; who can forget all those Fendi baguettes, or the famous Manolo’s and later, Louboutins. How about the Christian Dior tee or better yet, the Christian Dior newspaper printed dress; hard not to associate and remember specific items to specific moments in every episode. I don’t think any other show had as much attention and scrutiny on the characters attire nor influence on trends, hot items of the moment and designer star power than Sex and the City. They truly were the precursors of the direct relationship of Fashion and designers with TV.

Many other shows since then have made fashion, style and clothes focal points of their DNA. For instance, Gossip Girl is a prime example of the influence Sex and the City had and of its legacy on television history. Gossip Girl is targeted to a younger age bracket who oddly enough, can afford Marc Jacobs, J.Mendel or Burberry (to name only a very few high profile designers worn on this show). As much as everyone loves the whole Blair and Chuck storyline, a lot of people tune in to watch their favourite characters’ outfits more than anything else.

Another hit drama that incorporates fashion and style into the chromosome of their show is Mad Men, where chic, elegance and the flair of the late 50’s and 60’s are brought back to life in an updated and stylized way. The ladies look incredibly put together in their dresses and pearls, and the men are sharp in their tailored suits and skinny ties. And it all seems effortless yet very modern.

Do you think that in 25 years from now, in the archives of our television history, Sex and the City will be referred to as trend setting and ground breaking television series, fashion speaking, or just something from the past? Interesting debate, don’t you think?

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