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Fashion Bloggers to fan on LookBook

Last week, I eviscerated fashion bloggers around the world calling out their stupid modeling poses and I even criticized their blog titles. Well today, I’m here to make amends. Sorry! I just had too..

Today, instead of being a hater, I’m here to be a supporter. Here’s a list of fashion bloggers who you should fan.

Konstantina Tzagaraki

This Greek fashion blogger has nearly 7000 fans for all the right reasons. Ok…so last week I made fun of her poses (and rightfully so), but there’s something about her style that I like a lot. Could it be her Mediterranean glow? No it’s so much more. She’s not afraid to play with colours whether it is on her face or on her clothes.


Levi's Jean Jumpsuit, Furla Pink Bag
Dolce Gabbana Baby Blue Dress
Www.123 L.It Tank Top, Zara Feather Skirt, Manolo Blahnik Black And White

Morven SW

This Scotish dame, like most,  has a laid-back rocker look. However, what’s great about her is that she doesn’t change up her style too quickly so it’s easy to match what she’s done with her own wardrobe. She typically uses the same expected formula: dark with a tinge of hippiness and sometimes she will throw  a cross or a hat on top of her outfit. Nothing too dramatic but yet very dark and/or laid-back.
Topshop Flag Shorts, Allsaints Leather Jacket

Mesh Skirt From Http://Lookbookstore.Com/, H&M Dream Catcher, Topshop Slouchy Jumper, Topshop Boots
Motel Charlie Dress From Http://Www.Loveclothing.Com/Womens Black Charlie Dress Motel P 3967 .Html

Mira Berglind

I like Mira B.’s style for one single reason: It’s classy yet sexy. It helps that the model (or fashion blogger) in question is stupendously gorgeous but beyond the obvious, her overall look is what I call summer sexy. The drawback with this blogger is that she doesn’t post enough looks and at times, recycles some clothes she used in a previous post. Despite that, she usually stays within the realm of shorts but has recently gone dark.

Floppy Hat From Topshop, Shorts From Topshop, Sunglasses From Indiska, Bag From Topshop

Black Floppy Hat From Glitter, Black Blazer From H&M Trend, Black Shorts From American Apparel, Black Boots From Scorett

Camille S.

I like this blogger because her look is cute and inoffensive. She’s edgy cute if you like. She plays along the season’s trends without being provocative, trashy or posing too weirdly. I like the fact that she adds bold colours with statement necklaces with very minimalist looks.

Coexist Headband From Http://Coexistonline.Multiply.Com, Coexist Top From Http://Coexistonline.Multiply.Com, Coexist Skirt From Http://Coexistonline.Multiply.Com
Crave More Necklace From Http://Www.Facebook.Com/Cravemore, Crave More Ring From Http://Www.Facebook.Com/Cravemore


Last but not least, Pulpa. This Polish dame has but 140 some fans but I beg the rest of the community to reconsider her standings among the Konstantinas and Chiaras. Her style is minimalist yet vibrant. Simple but bold. I’m still baffled that she hasn’t received the top ratings. She’s definitely a fashion blogger to look out for.

Pulpashpop Red Carrot Trousers From Http://Pulpashop.Com
Pulpashop White Cropped Shirt From Http://Pulpashop.Com
Solar Necklace, Zara Dress, Zara Shoes

Do you have any fashion blogger that you like?

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  1. All these ladies style are beyond SMASHING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It would’ve been nice if their pages were linked.

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