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Christa’s Crazy Collages


Korean-Italian-American artist Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo serves up artwork as fragmented as her heritage. The collagist has created some seriously impressive pieces, spotted recently on touch puppet. They’re all faces and hands and legs and lips and, man oh man, am I ever head-over-feet for them.

Working out of Berlin, D’Angelo has weaved a mélange of licked lips and locked lips and finger tips and fists–and they’re all snatched from the same fashion photography you’d find perusing the rest of Now, stealing photography from the likes of Wintour or Lagerfeld is definitely a nice touch, but slicing them up with pics from girlie-mags and Hollywood cinema–and doing it with such panache–is what really sets D’Angelo’s work apart.


As for her muses: pin-ups and cover girls and porno chicks, oh my! And with that choice of content, her pieces align consumer culture, porn aesthetic, and Grace Kelly-femininity. What does it all mean? If I understand modern art correctly, it’s a given: absolutely nothing! Still, it’s nice to see she doesn’t take the stale, dogmatic route of Barbara Kruger with her pin-up girl collages, allowing her art to rather work at both the level of pure aesthetic abstraction and open-ended political statement.

I’ll leave you with some more choice selections of D’Angelo’s work, but a word of warning: some of them are borderline-NSFW. Or at least, I think they are. As you can imagine, it’s kind of hard to tell what’s what and where’s where with these things.




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