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Camilla d’Errico

It’s no secret that I love pop surrealism, and Vancouver-based Camilla d’Errico is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Though born in Ottawa, d’Errico’s painting career got its start in Gastown’s Ayden Gallery. She usually features exaggerated female subjects surrounded by animals, and it’s the combination of cute and creepy that I find so compelling. Though beautiful, there’s an eeriness to d’Errico’s work that adds depth to paintings that would otherwise be pretty straightforward (maybe it’s the gigantic eyes).

But even though these paintings are particular favourites of mine, that’s not to say that d’Errico is a one trick pony. She  also works on and publishes comics and manga. Her work includes the series Burn, Helmetgirls and Tanpopo, and d’Errico is also licensed by Dark Horse Comics.

d’Errico just participated in the monthly Portobello West Market, a venue in Vancouver and Calgary for local artists and artisans, so make sure to look out for her next visit to your hometown.

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