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Burlesque the Movie

Say what you will about Burlesque, but if you give it a chance, you might fall victim of the film’s guilty pleasures. It’s a full fledged comedy/musical that guarantees sexy numbers of feathers, leather, and lace that is notoriously burlesque. And whether or not you’re a fan of Christina Aguilera or Cher, their notable chemistry on-camera make for surprisingly good performances and soundtrack supported by the rest of the cast that includes Stanley Tucci and Eric Dane. Granted it’s a cliché plotline that borrows from the overused fantasy stories about a determined dame who proves her worth and predictably reaches fame. In fact, negative critics have compared it to Chicago and Moulin Rouge with a hint of Mariah Carey’s debacle film Glitter. And I must admit that some of the dialogue is painfully embarrassing. But the explosive choreography, set designs, costumes, and the dialogue’s frequent wittiness produces dazzling results.

Aguilera sets off to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams as a dancer and discovers a world of burlesque at Cher’s expiring lounge. Desperate for Cher’s approval, Aguilera’s confident character coincidentally reveals her talents; her thunderous vocal chords and sex appeal which ultimately keep the club alive with a full house every time. Played up by a love triangle with Dr. McSteamy and the charming Cam Gigandet with much room for some major diva attitude and loads of glitter are perfect ingredients that’ll flock the gays and tweens into theatres.

Out of Aguilera’s gazillion costume changes, one in particular was a stunning outfit made of pearl that left little to the imagination and miraculously latched onto her body throughout her aggressive struts onstage.  Many of her looks paid homage to the classic Hollywood actresses of the 1930’s while others were pure showgirl like a crystallized bra and feathered bustle paired with different wigs. And Cher was…well I just couldn’t take my eyes off this ageless 64-year old legend!

The film is obviously not Oscar gold, but it has all the elements that build towards a fun, sexy, and entertaining cinematic experience.

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