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Brancowitz’s Big Time

Carine Brancowitz draws pictures for a living.

In any sensible world, certain things would make that kind of a lifestyle impossible. Economics, for instance. But this is a world in which feminine eccentricity and the makers of Urban Outfitters lookbooks are the main drivers behind this two-bit economy. And thank God for that, cause this pop artist would really be something to miss.

Brancowitz, whose work bears a striking resemblance to the terrific Hope Gangloff, began working as a junior art director in fashion. Unsurprisingly, then, her main focus is on French beauties and the literal fancy pants that adorn them. Her artwork captures the kind of in-between moments you really only experience in your early twenties. Or rather, the kind of in-between moments you really only experience in your wildest, most voguish, Wes Anderson-directed, dream version of your early twenties. It’s like a coming-of-age story for the obscenely affluent and stylish. Still, it is purdy. Also, Truffaut!

With wealthy patrons like Testoni, Nokia, Rich Soil and the Italian mag Vogue Pelle knocking at her door, Brancowitz has hit the artistic “big time.” Which probably only means she makes the wages of a Subway sandwich artist or middle school grocery bagger or something. But still, she’s doing it her way! And when not picture-drawing for a whole list of international companies, Brancowitz can be found designing for the likes of Phoenix and Am Appy mainstay, Sebastian Tellier. Not bad, not bad at all.

Brancowitz’s best work, however, is on the Personal section of her portfolio. There, you’ll find the prettiest renderings of Starbucks cups and junk mail you’ve ever seen. Also, what appears to be a shivering crackhead reading a book on futurism. It all sounds kind of banal, for sure, but damn, she just captures it all so well! So definitely make sure to have a look.

For More Brancowitz, scroll down.

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