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Bite-Sized Book Review: City of Thieves

Are you ready for another Bite-Sized Book Review?

This time, I’ll be giving you five reasons to love David Benioff’s City of Thieves.

1. Quick synopsis: City of Thieves tells the story of two men, Lev Beniov and Kolya, who, during the Nazi’s siege of Leningrad, must travel to find a dozen eggs for a Soviet colonel’s wedding cake, all to avoid being executed.

2. As the synopsis suggests, there’s a great mix of humour and tragedy throughout the novel. You’ll laugh one minute and cry the next, I guarantee it.

3. Benioff does a great job of taking an often-discussed topic like Word War II, and giving us a new angle to look at. It might just be me, but the bulk of what I’ve read about the war has been either from an American point of view, or about the Holocaust. City of Thieves really shows the day to day struggles of living during the siege.

4. Though the novel is apparently fictional, the narrator’s name is David and the protagonist’s surname, Beniov, bears a striking resemblance to Benioff. But even if there isn’t any truth to the novel, the incredibly sweet ending is still a beautiful, tear-jerking moment.

5. Benioff really is extremely talented. Apart from his other novels, he’s written the screenplays for Troy, X-men Origins, and The Kite Runner. He’s also a creator, writer, producer, and director of a little show everyone loves called Game of Thrones.

So there you have it. Another book to add to your reading list, or even your Christmas shopping list (because October just started and according to the stores we should already be thinking about Christmas).

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