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Bite-Sized Book Review: Never Let Me Go


Are you ready for another Bite-Sized Book Review? I hope so, because I’m super excited to introduce you to one of my all time favourite books, Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, and to give you five reasons why it should be one of your favourites too.


1. Never Let Me Go is about three friends, Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy, who grow up in a seemingly idyllic English boarding school. From the beginning, the reader knows that something isn’t quite right, but the novel takes its time revealing exactly what these children’s destinies are.

2. I won’t spoil anything, but for me this novel is the epitome of what science fiction can accomplish. Set in a not too distant future, it’s incredibly realistic, and it’s this realism that makes Ishiguro’s whole world so eerie. It’s easy to imagine the series of events that unfold actually happening, which is a lot more chilling and thought-provoking than your average superheroes and spaceships story (although there are definitely times and places for superheroes and spaceships).

3. Ishiguro was already a well-known and well-loved author by the time Never Let Me Go came into being. He’s a master at calmly and artfully recounting incredibly complex  stories, making you understand his characters’ heartaches with a surprising subtlety, and lacing in just enough hope to make the outcome truly and beautifully tragic.

4. The narration is incredible. The entire novel feels like a letter to us from Kathy, and because she is so immediate and relatable, the entire cast of characters breathes. In fact, intimate first-person narration is arguably Ishiguro’s strongest suit, and The Remains of the Day, another of his well-known novels, demonstrates the same mastery of language and tone.

5. Never Let Me Go was recently turned into a movie starring Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield. It’s also amazing, and I highly recommend it (after having read the book, of course). The movie is directed by Mark Romanek who usually does documentaries, and his experience lends itself well to this particular novel.


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