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Bill Cunningham New York

“It’s not what I think or feel, it’s what I see.” – BILL CUNNINGHAM

One of my fave quotes from Bill Cunningham New York documentary which was released Friday, April 29 at Cinema du Parc. I attended the premiere and was really moved by the New York Times style photographer. Bar none, this once milliner has a sharp eye for style, but what I appreciate the most is his approach to capturing life as he sees it. He’s not reincarnating the perfect moment nor making his subjects “smile for the camera” poses.

He is a man driven by passion and content with very little – his iconic blue jacket cost a mere $20! Pretty ironic since his features are mostly about well-heeled New York social butterflies. You would think he found the secret to happiness: he’s enjoying life by doing what he loves and doesn’t require the fancy nonsense of everyday. However it seems to come with a price of loneliness. It was quite emotional as he struggled to share about his personal life.

A must-see!

Bill Cunningham New York, playing at:


3575 Avenue du Parc

Montreal, QC, H2X 3P9

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