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Anne-Marie Losique: Confessions Sauvages

There’s no business like sexy business

You may remember her as the giggly host of Box Office that ran for 12 years on Musique Plus for which she quickly became famous for her flirtatious interviews (most notably with Ben Affleck) and run-ins with Hollywood’s most sought after stars. Or maybe you recognize her from the Québec adaptation of The Simple Life, La Vie rurale, trotting about in skimpy clothing a la Paris Hilton. Better yet, you may have caught yourself watching her more erotic programs that put the spotlight on the sex industry in which she produces and hosts.

Well, look again.

Annie-Marie Losique bares all in her recent book Confessions Sauvages, a compilation of erotic photos and text that experiment with her lesbian fantasies which was the main reason she made an appearance at Renaud Bray bookstore on St.Denis. Losique was all charm and personable at her book signing. Frankly, she was an open book herself as she answered her fan’s curious questions about her experiences with Hollywood celebrities during her Box-Office days, the conception of her explicit book and the possibility of a sequel.

Labeled as a “sex-mogul” by The Montreal Mirror, Anne-Marie Losique sets no boundaries to her expanding empire and provocative ambitions. As a TV personality, she plays up the image of a bimbo. In person though, I had my first glimpse of the calculating entrepreneur who uses that coquettish quality that we’re well familiar with in front of the flashing cameras, but reverts to a sharp and witty woman the second the frenzy is over.

With her booming production company Image Diffusion International , she wears the hats of television producer,  host, and a lucrative businesswoman that is the mastermind behind her many shows, including the launching of Vanessa, the first French-Canadian adult-entertainment specialty channel (soon set to cross over English Canada).

As much as she’s dealt with a lot of flack from feminists and the press for her career decisions, the fact remains that she has conquered a male-dominated industry and continues to push the envelope in North America while leaving behind no regrets.

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