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a Great Quality read

Bruno Nude Cover

It’s funny that never in a million years would I think that reading GQ would be something I “need” to do for work.  This weekend while lying in the sun for the first time since April, I was catching up on some of my reading material including this months GQ featuring their first nude cover featuring – Brüno!

ASK Bruno

Firstly, I was actually dying of laughter over the “ask Brüno” article, where he answered some reader’s fashion conundrums in only a way Sacha Baron Cohen could (It is also funnier to a person who knows fashion. He knows his shit).

Hard @ WORK

However I wanted to write about another article I read that actually really made me think. The article entitled “I Love You, but I Hate What You’re Wearing. Now Change” written by Neel Shah is about how the author cannot date a girl who doesn’t dress well. He says “I noticed the stitching and buttoned flaps on the back pockets of her way too distressed jeans and pegged them as a pair of 2005-ish True Religions, and realized I’d never be able to take her seriously as a romantic partner because I had hated them so much”.

I Love You, but I Hate What You’re Wearing. Now Change by Neel Shah

NOW NOW, I know you might be thinking this guy must be insane or question is heterosexuality. This example was the most extreme, but is he right? Is it possible for a fashion minded guy to be so turned off by a good-looking girl just because she doesn’t dressed well? I say Yes! I like a girl who has her own fashion sense, she doesn’t have to be decked in designer, but must be able to put herself together (WELL). Especially here in L.A., there are gorgeously enhanced woman dressed in skirts up to their asses…Yaaa its great to look at, but would you want to bring her to Mom and Dad. Mr. Shah made a great point by saying “guys tend to know when they’re badly dressed and are generally open to criticism. Whereas no woman knowingly leaves the house thinking “Hey, this looks terrible”.  Think about it…….

Common Projects Moscot Sunglasses

Also, I did make my decision regarding last weeks post. I pre-ordered a pair of the Moscot x Common Projects Sunglasses. They are classic and a great size.

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