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The Three under the Tree below the Balcony

Everything felt all right on that sticky night in Algiers. Only Rachid was a bit gloomy, despite the mesmerizing appearances of the Girl on the Balcony. He was preoccupied, as he always is on his trips to Algeria, about some of the negative traits of his fellow countrymen. That he only saw, and sees, things in various shades of black is of note, but perhaps this time he was right.

As we sat on the curb, chain-smoking, Rachid started complaining about his lazy neighbors, who had spent the past x years without a stairwell light.

“If I hadn’t bought a stupid lightbulb and screwed it in, they would have spent the next two centuries crawling up the stairs in complete darkness. I should have let them break their necks.”

Sensing Rachid was in need of a pick-me-up, Khaled intervened with a story:

“Listen closely, guys. It is said that there was once a guy, here in the neighborhood, who had the most gorgeous girlfriend. Seriously, the girl was an absolute bomb. Everytime the two went out, it was all catcalls and whistles, and even the man’s friends started turning on him before long, talking about him behind his back and trying to get at his girl when he wasn’t around.

So one day, his best friend came to see him and told him: ‘Look, this has to stop. I’m telling you because I am your friend, the girl is bringing you nothing but trouble. Why don’t you find yourself a nice, family-oriented, sit-at-home type and enjoy a more peaceful life?’

The man took his friend’s advice to heart and got himself a new girlfriend, who was considerably uglier and infinitely more boring, but who stayed at home, wore a veil, and had nothing that could ignite the passions of the neighborhood. Needless to say, our friend was now living a much easier life, as no one would give him grief anymore.

Still, this new girl was boring and sucking all the fun out of his life. Before long, the troubled man decided to ditch her and get back with his former girlfriend. His best friend, hearing of this, came quickly to him and asked him:

‘Are you out of your mind? What about all the jealous people in the neighborhood? Have you already forgotten what that was like?”

To which our wise friend replied:

‘It is better to share the light with everyone, than to sit all alone in the darkness.’ ”

Rachid’s mood improved and remained sunny for the rest of the night.

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