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The Secret Diary of a Call Girl

“Escort, hooker, prostitute, whore – I don’t mind what you call me, that’s just semantics.”
Belle De Jour

So I fell in love this weekend…
…with a TV show.

Sunday has become my “do nothing” day which “do nothing” meant leaving my bed the least amount of times possible (bathroom breaks are inevitable), Asian take-out, (Beef with garlic and black pepper sauce? Yum…) and as much TV as I can improbably squeeze in a 24 hour period.

As your YourKloset’s resident Man About Town and sex story guy, I’ve been somewhat religiously blessed with people confiding me with their titillating tales outrageous antics and at time even, intimate concerns. It allowed me to put into perspective previously held values and expand my other notions when it came to sex and relationships.

Now imagine all of that wrapped with a British accent, personified by a former sci-fi diva (Doctor Who’s Billie Piper) to an instrumental sounds of “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse?
Yes, my new favourite indulgence was The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

This show is brilliant, hilarious, witty, unabashed and packs a thought-provoking punch in under 30 minutes.

I just finished the 3rd season and …well Wikipedia does a much better job at describing this show:
“The series set in London, revolves around the life of Hannah Baxter, a seemingly normal woman, who lives a secret life as a call girl, under the pseudonym “Belle De Jour.” The series focuses on her professional and private life and its complications as they collide. However, she receives help and advice from her best friend Ben, and fellow call girl Bambi.”

Things is -  Belle is actually a real person and the series were based on her adventures which she blogged about during her time as an escort. Bille Piper, who played “Belle”, interviewed her on what was “Belle’s” her first on- air appearance, and she shared her thoughts on her take of the escorting business.
Whatever personal stance people have with this issue is well personal but she left me with these thoughts….

1. At work you sell you mind or your physical labor.

2. Most people have sex for free with people they don’t know. Sometimes people they shouldn’t even trust.

3.  You can rent a womb to have a baby, but not pay for sex?

4.  If you wanted a wank, it’s just that. Ergo, paying for sex sometimes isn’t about the sex.

Watch the show. I’d like to know what you think….

Holla at your M.A.T. xo

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