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The CAMEO Appearance

Hot Threesome

“It’s all about being the guest star!” Cory blurted out.

In light of the recent Golden Globes nominations, television shows and movies were that last things to be mentioned in our conversation.

We were talking about couples.

Moreover, dating couples.

Well, Cory dating couples.

“That’s all I want right now.” Cory confessed.


“Hell yeah. I just moved into town. I’m getting the lay of the – I saw that – land and I don’t have time to be… I don’t know…. accountable, I guess?…to anyone right now.”


Now, I’ve had my share of threesomes, foursomes, and then-somes, but a full-on couple?

That comes with a new set of tricks.

“Isn’t it twice the work?”

“It’s actually less,” Cory started to explain. “Well, besides the fact there’s an extra person to pay attention to, you don’t have all the couple baggage stuff. I’m not in the relationship, I don’t have the emotional attachment, and I am not worried about the joint bank account. Those are their issues and their’s alone. Meanwhile, I get the affection, my needs are fulfilled, and I’m even generating good Karma by adding that bit of spice to a willing relationship.

“Hmmm, you can actually be in this just for the sex and not be an asshole.”

“The cameo appearance.”

“Hmmm, the cameo appearance…” I starting pondering.

“Oh, I see those wheels spinning, handsome. Before you start getting any ideas, it’s not always a bed of roses.”

Threesome Loss

“Let me guess: communication, rules, and expectations?

“Communication is a given!” Cory scoffed. “Everyday couples still need to work on that one, but I prefer the term ‘boundaries’. I also prefer couples who’ve been together for a while, versus recent hook-ups. They’ve already worked out their shit, you know?”

“The sex?”

“M.A.T. ? It’s twice the amount of everything! And the focus is on me since I’m the new one in the mix. I want special guest star credit!”

So did Cory get lucky? Or is the ménage-a-trois the new couple de jour?

Holla at your M.A.T. while I go check in with the ladies and see if they share the same view…

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