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Sex with Maryline

I feel fortunate to be joining the yourKloset family starting this month, especially since they are letting me talk about my favorite thing: SEX! I love sex. I am fascinated by all things related to sexuality, intimacy, relationships, and everything in between or on the edges.  It’s a passion of mine, and I’ve devoted my studies and my career to providing as much factual, sex-positive information to as many people as possible.  Sex isn’t just about more, better, faster, longer.  We are bombarded by messages of sex as performance, or as competition. In the end, that is not our daily reality.

So let’s talk about the real stuff, what actually affects our sex lives, our libido, and our relationships.  Attraction, love, lust, desire, and all the wonderful things that set groins on fire, send hearts racing, and get juices flowing.

This monthly post will be a place for frank discussion about sex. If you’ve had enough of diluted, normalized, superficial articles about what sex “should” be like then you’re on the right blog. I will cover topics ranging from dating and relationships, to masturbation and toys, making sure to venture into the wild and unhinged along the way.  I want sex to be fun, for sex to make people happy. To achieve that, we also have to talk about what hinders men and women from truly reaching their full sexual potential. Isn’t reaching that the ultimate goal when it comes to sex? To learn how to have the best sex you could possibly be having, whatever that means for you?

I have tons in store for you: giveaways like back in Christmukah, interviews with other sexperts in the field, articles, videos, porn reviews, and even questions from our readers.  Yes that’s right.  If you have a burning question about sex, something you have always wondered about but never known who to ask, well ask me! I’ll feature relevant questions in future articles. You can also find me on Sex with Maryline where I write and offer e-counseling.

I look forward to next month.

In bliss.

P.S. Don’t forget that Monday, March 14th is “Steak and a Blowjob Day.” Seriously, I’m not making this up. Look it up online if you don’t believe me ;)

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