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Sex Sells…?

We all know the saying ‘sex sells’.  Many times brands will go the extra mile in the sexual department in order to get a reaction of some sort. While creating a buzz or controversy, their names are predominantly out there. Free publicity in some way, even if it is bad publicity. As long as they are talking, good or bad, they are keeping the brand’s visibility out there. But to what extent does it become too much? Is there such a thing as too much?

Gucci’s & YSl’s Tom Ford era was known for exploiting sex as a tool for branding purpose and publicity. Who can forget the G logo formed on a woman’s privates for Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2003 campaign? Or a completely naked man for the YSL’s M7 perfume campaign?

Yes sex for publicity isn’t new.  However, it has become so over-used that it has lost its appeal. It is expected these days for brands to over-exploit and over sexualize their models. Don’t get me wrong, it still generates a lot of buzz and a whole lot of articles, news segments and everything else in-between sparking controversies and complaints. Who can forget the Marc Jacobs ad for his Oh,Lola perfume starring young actress Dakota Fanning?

But maybe in our day and age, less is now considered more. Therefore, an ad with less of a sexual tone and more of a social conscious message might make more headlines or have more of a bang? Maybe the return to what is real and true in society is much more appealing and actual?

For instance, I’d love to see a Louis Vuitton clad Mormon group going about their day instead of an over-sexualized and zealous 16 years old promoting a new pair of a brands “it” bag or shoe.

Yes, sex sells. No arguing the fact. However, maybe it is time to be more conscious of what we portray of ourselves and of our companies in an era of technological prowess that will never let us forget.

What do you guys think?

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