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So everyone knows about the “deal-breaker” right?

It’s that action, comment, moment, gesture, habit, or maybe even an unfortunate circumstance that befalls that hottie you’re into that quickly puts out the fires in your loins?

Simon: Smoking.

Luca: Really?

Simon: Yeah, that’s why I never got with you.

Luca: Finally, took four years to find out.

Simon: You should have asked.

Smoking Dealbreaker

Ugo: Oh my god, guys, I had to leave the man of my dreams.

James: Why?

Ugo: Cats. I’m allergic. I couldn’t even stay in his house for more that five minutes.

Nina: Peter has a curved dick.

Luca: This is a problem?

Nina: Sex was painful and not in that good pain way.  Trust me. I tried every position.

Olivet: Lio was too short.

M.A.T.: That Daddy was a smoking hot Belgian Chef.

Olivet: Still to short.  I know everyone thinks I’m nuts, but I’m 6’2 in heels.  Fault it all you want, but I still got my princess-y dreams and yeah, I want to get swept off my feet -

Luca: That takes a big man. I get it.

Short Men Tall Women

The whole gang was together, enjoying the surprisingly still-nice weather at what would be our last barbeque for the ’09 year…and as we discussed deal breakers, I wanted to know:

Was the opposite true? Is there an action, comment, moment, gesture, habit, or maybe even *fortunate * circumstance that befalls that “nottie” and turns them into a “hottie?”

When does NOT become HOT?

Luca: Going commando wearing sweatpants, lightly jogging down some stairs.

James: And you’re at the bottom of the staircase?

Luca: Of course.

Olivet: Accents.  Cliché, I know but someone saying your name in a foreign language. Full frisson!

M.A.T.: Call me papi. I’m yours…

Nina: I went on this date with a co-worker, and it was only for drinks. He was charming enough, but I know nothing was going to happen until…

James: Until?

Twister Duvet

Nine: We passed by his loft as he walked me home,  so he offered me a drink and to see his art– no strings attached – and he *was* nice enough, and I did enjoy his company. When I got into his place.

I could help but notice his TWISTERTM print duvet on his king sized bed.


Nina: It was so on!

James: Did he have that spinning dial?

Nina: Umm hello?

So folks?

When does a NOT become HOT? Comment below and let M.A.T. know what you think!

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  1. your mag got it wrong… sophie dahl is only 5’11″… i used to model with her.

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