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Missing you and our chocolate martinis…

I know I’m supposed to be sharing sexy stories, but this time I want to share a story about a sexy lady.

An impeccably styled fashionista, cameras NEVER caught her off guard.
Staying true to who she was, she always managed to fit into any situation and circumstance, while allowing others to be who they were.
Never shy with the boys and never shy enough with the girls, she’d drag a naïve black boy to his first hiphop afterhours after a Guns n’ Roses concert and dance up a storm to hours of house.

She was that girl.

The one you wouldn’t hesitate to date, but was in your life as if you were dating anyway.
The one who’d go from classy to bratty in 2.6 seconds and still stand back to back with you in a fight.
The one who could knock back a couple of pints trading sex stories that would make a Platinum Visa tranny whore blush.
Yet, she was also the one who would sip gingerly on your chocolate martini and make you the envy of everyone in the room.

Gay, straight, or whatever, this woman always had that knack of making you feel like the man. With that winning smile, she illuminated rooms whether she was rocking out at a truck stop bar or oozing elegance at an opulent event…

My favourite memory was from a few years back:

Ben was shocked when she had started making out with some guy he had been crushing on all night, yet as she broke away from that kiss, she simply walked over to him and said, “It’s all good darling, I was just warming him up for you! Now you boys go play nice.” … And off they went.

It was refreshing to see a woman embracing her sense of self and sexuality. This poule de luxe definitely owned it.

Life happens and time goes by, and one of the last times I saw her, I finally met her new man.

“So this one…” I asked, cozying up to her on the couch. “He’s good to you?”
“Yeah, he is!” She beamed. “I’m happy. Really… I love my job with my brother, I have a beautiful niece that I get to spoil and a guy that can handle our crazy friends. But enough, I need you to stop worrying about everyone one else and be a bit selfish. I want you to be happy too… I want all of us to be…”

I found out I lost her today, and only the gods know why.

I’ll miss you Sabrina. Truly and honestly.
You said you found happiness, and though it may have been short lived, I hope you truly did.

Promise me you’ll make those angels in heaven nervous and on point, while you rock out your fabulous sexy self while watching over the rest of us.

Meanwhile I think I’m gonna order another chocolate martini…

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