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Men: Want To Be More Attractive?

With all the dating sites and services available to single men looking for their dream girl, getting a date is the easy part.  Making sure that your new found flame wants a repeat performance of your awkward first meeting is not always so obvious.  Here are a few tips on how to be as attractive as possible to the opposite sex. No need for a complete makeover or cheesy romantic moves, sometimes it’s the simplest thing that can pique her interest and make her want to see much more of you.

Grooming: This first one might seem obvious, you have to look good to make a great first impression. Yet it seems like this very basic fact eludes a lot of single men on the dating scene.  I’m not suggesting you try to become a fashionista overnight. Rule number one of dating: stay true to yourself. If you need fashion tips, this Blogazine is chock full of the latest local designers to inspire you.  What I refer to here is really basic grooming, because it’s the little details that women notice first.  You might wear the latest brand name shirt and jeans but if your nails aren’t trimmed and clean, and you haven’t showered in the previous 24 hours, it won’t matter what you wear.  Clean trimmed nails, and that goes for toenails as well, a fresh haircut, clean beard, and no holes or stains on your clothes can go a long way in keeping her focused on what you say instead of wondering if she’ll need to do your laundry in the future.

Passion: Be really passionate about something, anything, and tell her about it.  Are you a huge movie buff? Do you run marathons for a cause? Tell her about it! Get yourself all worked up sharing about this hobby or endeavors in a way that gets that spark going in your eyes.  Trust me she will notice.  And it doesn’t have to be anything that is remotely appealing to women. If your thing is old cars or motorbikes that’s fine, as long as she can see the way you light up when you talk about it.  This will give her the cue that if you can be that into a hobby you can be as passionate about a relationship as well.

Listening: A recent study explained that men who are good listeners often make for good lovers. Empathic listening can score you major attractiveness points in and out the bedroom.  Make an extra effort to really hear what she is saying, tune in to how she feels about whatever topic she is lively about and ask questions or make comments on that feeling.  For example if she shares that she really loves her yoga class, comment on how it seems like yoga is really relaxing for her, or that it’s great that she does things to take care of herself.  Commenting on the feelings being the explicit content is the key to making her feel truly heard. Not sure you can pick up on what she is feeling? Guess what, it doesn’t even matter if you get it right or not! If you take a guess and get it wrong, she will take it in stride and correct you or try to explain better to make it clear.  Women are accommodating like that, it’s in our nature, and you will still score those attractive points no matter.

Happy dating!

P.S. If you’re currently with someone and not dating, you can still apply these easy tips to maintain and strengthen your relationship.  Taking care of yourself, being a good listener, and feeling passionate about something in your life are all good social skills to have regardless of your dating status.

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  1. Grooming is my number! no one wants an ugly

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