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His fun… her freak…

Man About Town

After finally convincing Dave that his body was his temple and if it felt good to go for gold, Nina and Nancy, Dave’s wife, were having their own conversation.

Nina stared. “You look amazing…”

“Think Dave would like it?”

“Girl, please?! He’d be a fool not to. See that 9 year-old in the window?”

Nancy glanced to a caramel colored cutey that skipped away. “He’s adorable!”

“…just jump-started puberty!” Nina laughed. She appraised Nancy’s outfit:  a see-through push-up negligee number they had found in some French boutique on St-Denis.

Man about Town

“A present for you or for him?” Nina’s comment dripped heavily with smirk.

“Both.” Nancy admitted. “I’m trying to get to basics.”

“Basics, eh? Right…”

They were finally addressing the white elephant in the room.

Nancy (at Nina’s behest) had spiced up her last boom-boom session with a back door surprise to her hubby’s back door.

“… it went a bit… too… well.”

“But?” Nina winced. “Sorry, bad pun.”

Nancy smiled, adjusting her strap, but after organizing her thoughts, she said, “I may have opened Pandora’s box.” Nancy stared at Nina. “What watered down version did you get?”

Nina tried to play dumb. “Well, umm…”

Man about town

“Small city. Smaller circles, sister Nina.  He spoke to one of the boys, because suddenly everything’s okay.”

Nina sighed, “I was told Dave freaked, but got all sorted after he spoke to M.A.T.”

“Well, I was there. He didn’t freak out. He was so responsive that he… blissed out.”

“BLISSED OUT?!” Nina took the comment in. “Never heard that term before and I get it.”

“…and then he freaked.”

“You’ve talked…”

“Yeah…and we’re okay…it’s just that…I don’t know why the world works this way, but take porn for example…”


“A girl can do all the lesbian porn she wants and never be a lesbian right? But take a guy…”

“Label of gay that won’t go away.”

Man about Town

“Now, I’ll be the first to admit it: Those boys in men love porn that say they’re straight? I mutter a couple of “Yeah rights!” and raise an eyebrow just like anyone else, but at the end of the day, I know some may… could… are telling the truth and-”

“Nancy honey, I just lost you.”

“It’s just that…where do I go from here? Bigger, better toys? Let him wander off and explore? It seems that I’m the one that finds that guy who’s now so comfortable with his sexuality that I’m becoming uncomfortable with it.”

And there it was:

…her fun became his freak…

…his freak became his fun…

…his fun became her freak…

“Has Dave brought any of this up?”


“Then stop thinking about it.”


“Yeah…because some problems begin when people start to think.”

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Holla at your M.A.T.

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