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Glamour Photography: Give the Gift of Positive Self Regard!

In the last few years a number of stellar women photographers doing “boudoir” photography have cropped up in Montreal. Don’t misunderstand me here, these photo shoots have nothing to do with the cheesy “get your man a sexy picture for his birthday” super fuzzy to erase all flaws, stuck in the 80s studio photography our mothers might have considered. These ladies know how to make women feel sexy, empowered, beautiful, and special.

Exit the red or purple negligee from Wal-Mart; enter the corsets, stiletto pumps, vintage furniture and decor, retro clothing and hairstyles, everything to make you feel like the pinup that is hiding in all of us.

I can already hear some of you scoffing: “yeah, sure, maybe for other girls but not me, I’m too (insert self deprecating comment here)”.  If that was your knee jerk reaction then you definitely should offer yourself a session right now; offer yourself the gift of positive self regard, self esteem, and all around happier body image.

Being photographed is therapeutic in a way that looking in the mirror just doesn’t replicate.  Seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes, the way people around you see you on a daily basis is revealing and can give you an entirely new perspective on yourself.

The other aspect of being photographed professionally that is therapeutic is that even if we all know that women in the media are professionally made up and styled, we still assume that they must be unnaturally beautiful to start with.  Not necessarily so. Once you’ve had a makeup artist, a hairdresser and a stylist work on you, you start realizing that the professional help goes a long way and that you too can look like a movie star.  Vintage Style Photo has a great before and after section on her site which illustrates exactly that.

Not ready to take the plunge in glamour photography? Setup your own session at home!  Take some time for yourself, do your hair and makeup, put on your favourite clothes, and ask someone (or use a tripod and a camera with a timer) to take pictures of you.  Take at least a 100 or so pictures BEFORE looking at them.  This part is crucial if you want this to be a positive experience.  If you look at each picture as you take them you’re going to start focusing on all the flaws and get discouraged.  Once you’re all done, go through the images by yourself, at your leisure, maybe with a nice glass of wine…  Keeping in mind that it takes a few dozen shots to get a good picture, I can guarantee that you will find one image in the lot that will make you pause… wonder if this is really you…. and realize that you too can find yourself beautiful.

Resources in Montreal:

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