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Get Your Kink On: Torture Garden Is Coming To Montreal November 25-26-27

In last month’s Halloween post I suggested that a fun trick to spice things up was taking your costume out to a sexy / fetish event.  Well as luck would have it Torture Garden, the largest most world renowned fetish party is honoring our city with its presence the last weekend of November.

If you’ve always been curious about fetish events, if you’ve seen the many posters for all the monthly kink parties and wondered what it would be like to attend, wait no more.  This is the one to be at.  I contacted Davidé, co-owner of Cirque De Boudoir, the event organizers hosting TG.  I wanted to ask him about Cirque De Boudoir Parties, Torture Garden, and all the burning questions that first timers might have about attending a fetish event.

How long have you been organizing events in Montreal?

I started organizing events when I was 18, which is 16 years ago. At the time I was organizing underground rave parties in warehouses and bingo halls. I started DJing a short time before and was just so excited and interested about the underground electronic music scene that I wanted to contribute with my own productions and DJing. Cirque De Boudoir was formed later in 2006 with my girlfriend and partner Bunnyguts.

How has the party/kink scene changed over the years?

The party/kink scene is always evolving and changing. It was usually very goth/metal/industrial, with an older crowd, but now the scene has more young people in it and the music is more electronic (electro, techno, house), especially at CDB events, and fetish is becoming more acceptable in general.

I know music is important to you. How has the music influenced your events?

[..] The soundtrack of most fetish nights seems to be stuck in the past. Fetish clubs like Torture Garden in London have always been staying up to date musically, and Cirque De Boudoir is very much into the music aspect of the party and always has the best local and international DJs playing the latest sound which keeps our parties fresh and exciting. As a DJ first, for me music has always been the most important element of any party. Of course the people make the party but the music sets the vibe, makes them move, and can make all the difference between ecstatic pleasure and annoyance.

Torture Garden coming to Montreal is a grandiose event.  Why is Torture Garden such a big deal?

Torture Garden is a big deal because they are the biggest and best fetish club in the world. They have been around for 20 years and are bigger now than ever with regular monthly attendance in London between 1000-3500 people! Those are numbers you just don’t see in most cities. The reason TG is so awesome is because they have great music, multiple rooms (including a main dance floor, dungeon, couples area, cabaret etc), they have amazing performances and everyone makes a great effort with their outfits. It’s basically the fetish events all other fetish events strive to be, including the main influence of Cirque De Boudoir.

Bunnyguts and I got the chance to perform for TG in London in 2008 and again in 2010. We have witnessed the scale and the coolness of their events first hand. It was our pipe dream to be able to get TG to come to Montreal. [...] We are really trying to make TG Montreal a special weekend that lives up to the London TG experience (perhaps on a smaller scale) with a unique Montreal flavour to it all.

It will be awesome.

What should people expect when attending their first fetish event?

If you have never been to a fetish event, the first few minutes inside the club might require some getting used to. For the most part, it’s like most parties… there are a variety of people, dancing, drinking, socializing. What’s different is their attire and some of the activities. People at fetish parties are generally very open and comfortable with their sexuality [...]

For most new people, it is a very exciting and voyeuristic experience where you can meet interesting open minded people and have a great time dancing and being very sexy without judgement.

What are some of new people’s biggest fear?

Maybe that it’s too weird or that they will be forced to do things they don’t want to. Again a fetish club is a place to explore what you are into, not to be forced into anything you don’t like. Personally I feel way more awkward in normal clubs and my girlfriend gets harassed way more often at non-fetish club nights. People who attend fetish parties tend to have way more respect and be way more polite.

What are people most surprised about when attending your events?

That they have waiting this long to give it a try. That it is one of the most fun nights out in Montreal. That there are so many hot people. That the music is so good. That it’s already 3 am and the party is over.

What would you say is the number one benefit of finally attending your first fetish event?

Well there is the common saying, you don’t know if you like something unless you try it. So if you are curious you should definitely try as it may open up a whole new world of fun for you and your partner. I know that for me, I have had way more fun than before I was attending fetish parties. I’ve also made great friends and feel more accepted within a community. Ultimately, these are fun sexy parties and you are only missing out if you don’t go.

What do you wish people knew and understood before showing up at a fetish event?

Mainly to have fun but be respectful and polite [...]

What is the best time to arrive?

Early to avoid line-ups. Usually within 1 hour of the doors opening is ideal.

What is the Dress Code?  Any suggested attire for newbies who might not have “fetish” clothing?

At most fetish parties you will see lots of latex, leather, lingerie, high heels, boots etc. An easy way to be fetish is think shiny, tight, revealing etc. Masks are an easy way to be in dress code. Just remember, no running shoes, no blue jeans. Check out fetish event sites for their galleries and you can see many examples of what people wear. You can make something for very little money or buy a full latex dress…the range is quite wide but anyone can find something appropriately sexy to wear. Many of our sponsors specialize in fetish attire. You can find their links on our website:

What are the rules you live by and instil in your parties?

Life is short so live it to the fullest. We are all one so treat others as you would like to be treated. Don’t judge. Live and let live. etc etc…

What is your biggest pet peeve in regards to fetish events?

When people take themselves too seriously.

What are some of the behaviours that aren’t tolerated at your events or by the fetish community?

Any non-consensual behaviour is not tolerated. The motto of all fetish parties is SAFE, SANE, and CONSENSUAL.

Finally looking to upcoming parties, what are your dreams / goals / wishful thinking for future events?

My goal in general for these events is to make them better and better. For Torture Garden Montreal, it’s to make it live up to the experience in London but with a uniquely Montreal vibe.

Thank you Davidé for answering my questions and see you all at Torture Garden at the end of the month!

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