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Bisous-Bisous! A Trip to Montréal & A Look at Fet-Life

This past Remembrance Day weekend, I got the chance to attend the Concordia Cultural Conference in Montréal.

The lovely, lit up city of Montréal gets better every time I see it. Patrons proceeded to their destinations or lack of with quiet dignity and prim precision amidst the posh pandemonium of downtown whilst others indulged in a serene hush or rambunctious recreation outside of the heart of downtown.

Distinct from Toronto, its downtown is far more concentrated, intensified by superb stony architecture and more massive buildings and illustrious displays overshadowing corporate fronts.

I already miss it.

Of course, I slaved away within the guttural depths of the library at assignments beforehand so I could experience the divinity of Montréal without any qualms which allowed me to cram in numerous shoots and shopping on top of exploring the city’s beautifully decorated metropolis.

Of the many things I got to see there, what struck me most was the fetish scene. Being a devout admirer and sometimes indulger of the errant leather, lace and latex trend, to say I was awed at the enthusiasm and capacity of it in Montréal would be an understatement.

I find fetishism is often too obscured by overly conservative melodrama like demoralization and demonization but usually being too conservative concludes with the condemnation of many things for the sake of perpetuation some classic rigid ideology with heavy undertones of conformity…which is exactly why I’d never go into politics.

Rather than the moral or sexual travesty it is often regarded as, I find the fetish scene to be a patchwork and unison of various modes of attraction as well as an esoteric aesthetic. It obscures the commonality of sexuality and self-concept through many avenues of indulgence and repression, wherein the lines are sometimes blurred between pleasure and pain—a classic contradiction we experience in daily life which ranges from the insignificant sacrificial provisions we make to save money or face and the metamorphosis we endeavor for respect, the “safe” navigation of our world. But, the last thing one thinks of or experiences in the fetish community is popularity contests.

Another misconception is the heavy (but not inaccurate) association people make with fetishism with chains, whips and other paraphernalia of that sort. They comprise a great deal of the genre but there are other aspects which aren’t as materialistic. The classic power struggles of dominant-submissive, performer-voyeur, and sadomasochistic dichotomies can be watered down to primal animalistic entrapments of psychological and purely physical (without material aid) elements.

I also had the pleasure of visiting North America’s largest sex shop, Boutique Séduction to which I felt like a child on Christmas morning. They have a wide range of products and sections for the kindred kink or those looking to amplify the physicality of their interpersonal relationships.

Check out their website to quench that fetishist thirst.

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