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It’s never about the girl…

Threesome cartoon

It wasn’t easy getting my fierce female foursome in the same room post-new year, what with all the New Year’s Eve antics, break ups, hooks ups and post-holiday dieting (Read: no public appearances.), but I finally got to have my own Sex in the City moment when I got them all in one room and boy were the Cosmos were flowing…

I wanted to know what these ladies though about my current curiosity: threesomes.

Nina: It’s never about the girl.

Carolina: She’s right.

Shannon: Never.

Vero: Ever…

M.A.T.: Ummm…okay confused. Aren’t you participating?


“She’s right…” Vero began to explain. “Two girls and guy? We’re just exploiting ourselves for the straight guy’s lesbian fantasy. Two guys and a girl…well, you all know the joke: What’s the best part of a threesome?” (I figured it was the threesome itself.)

“High-Fiving your boy!” Nina finished, as the others nodded in agreement.

I had to bite my lip, stifling a nervous laughter that come more from shock than humor.

That I did not expect.

“And it’s always the guy who suggests it.” Vero revealed.

“Even if the girl initiates,” Shannon had caught my upcoming question. “it’s because she knows the guy wants it.” “So women aren’t into threesome then?” I asked sincerely.

“We could be, if we were deciding to please the guy we’re with.”

“I don’t need a guy present to satisfy my curiosity about a girl.” Nina countered.

“Guys however…” Then the girls burst into a horde of private giggles, understanding what was left unsaid.

“Even guys who do know what they’re doing have a hard enough time getting a girl off! Imagine two of them? Personally, I don’t have that kind of energy.” Vero sighed.


“I’d love to see two guys together and be part of that mix.” Shannon wondered aloud.

“Honestly, not me…” Carolina spoke up, arguably the most liberated out of all of us…

“I would never do it.  It’s not even about the sex. It’s question of safety. I would never willingly put myself in such a vulnerable situation with two guys.”

Oh right.

“What about three girls then?” I was left to ask.

“Oh, please that’s just a slumber party.”


Slumber Party

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