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Every day I get home from work around 11 pm and need to unwind, I need some mindless/comedic distractions mixed in with a bit of drama to put me to sleep. My taste in television is almost as eclectic as my taste in clothing; but for the most part I watch some great shows. I usually don’t get to add many new shows because I PVR everything but if you have any to share let me know. Here are some of my new/favorite fall programs:

Monday:  Chelsea Lately – She is comedic genius and always says things most people would be afraid to say. Her round table of comics discussing pop culture never bores and when she doesn’t like a guest she makes it very clear. (E! Network 11pm Monday – Thursday)

Wednesday: Modern Family - Not enough can be said for this show, it is hands down the funniest comedy on the air right now. It is in its third season and never disappoints. As whacky and zany as some of the shows characters may be I think at times everyone can relate. (ABC 9PM)

Thursday: Parks & Recreation – I was always a huge Aziz Ansari fan and when I heard he was going onto a show I needed to watch. What makes this series on par with the likes of Friends and The Office is that it is the ensemble cast that makes it; Kudos to the casting director.

Sunday: How to Make it in America – You should all know how much I love this series, because I wrote a post about it after watching last year’s premiere. This season shows a lot of promise and looks  to be the new entourage. (HBO 10:30)

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