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Trick Or Treat: In October Dust The Cobwebs From Your Sex Life.

Halloween is my favourite holiday of all.  Halloween is the season for all things spooky and thrilling.  It’s time for candy and parties and costumes.  Why not add a few tricks and treats to your sex arsenal as well? It’s the perfect time of year for sexy costumes, pretending you’re someone else, and having fun in the bedroom.  Here are a some ways to treat yourself to a little spice in your sex life and some new tricks to try out with that special someone.

Treat: Sexy Costumes

It’s amazing how most Halloween costumes for women are sexy or downright slutty.  It seems like Halloween is the one night in the year where women can wear the most revealing and titillating costumes without judgement.  Indulge!  Become the vixen you know you want to be, treat yourself to an outfit that makes you feel sensual and powerful even if you might never wear it in public.

Trick: Wear your new costume at home.

Playing dress up for sex is the number one of the sure fire ways to spice things up in the bedroom.  Once you’re in character, all inhibitions seem to just fade away for one night as you give yourself permission to do or say things your usual “good girl” self wouldn’t.  Feel a little more daring? Go to one of many sexy Halloween parties organized each year in Montreal.

Treat: Flavoured Lube

We might be too old to go trick or treating for candy but if you still have a sweet tooth, indulge in a flavoured lube to kick oral sex up a notch.  Flavoured lubes come in dozens of flavours so you will definitely find one that makes your mouth water.  Just remember that in order to taste sweet it means that the lube probably contains sugar and is therefore not intercourse friendly.  Just keep a damp washcloth nearby and wipe each other down before moving on to sex.

Trick: Best Blowjob Ever

Do you know what the number one trick is to give him the best blowjob of his life? Watch him masturbate first!  That’s right, easy as that.  You can learn all the tricks in the book on how to give great head, but until you know exactly how he touches himself to make himself climax you’re just going at it by trial and error.  So ask your partner to show you first.  Pay attention to which parts of his genitals he focuses on, as well as how much pressure he applies and at what rhythm.  Once you’ve seen it you just have to replicate the sensation for a no fail blow his mind BJ every time.

Treat: Vibrating Egg

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a complete neophyte, getting a new sex toy is always a special treat.  My sure to please suggestion in either case is the vibrating egg.  Versatile and discrete, a vibrating egg is infinitely more fun than any chocolate version you might get in a Halloween candy bag.  If you want to know how it’s used read on.

Trick: Eggs solo or A Deux

The vibrating egg is a toy for which I often have many good things to say. They are small and easy to stash in an overnight bag or a pocket, and eggs are not intimidating at all. People usually assume that they are for internal use only but not so.  Here is the trick: an egg can be used for stimulation all over the body as foreplay, on nipples and earlobes, and then the egg can provide that much needed extra clitoral stimulation during intercourse without getting in the way.  Use it by either holding it in your hand or even wedging it between partners for hands free action.

I hope you have fun with these tricks and treats.  Have you tried some of them already? Let me know in the comments if any of these tips make for a night of passion that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Have a happy, sexy Halloween!

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  1. Toys are for ugly, fat and lame people with sad sex lives.

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    That is an interesting opinion. Anyone care to comment?

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    Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

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    @BougieHippie. Well then so is porn for that matter…oh wait skinny, sexy people are hooked on that too AND don’t necessarily have a better or more fulfilling sex life. Take it from some someone ( a slim sexy dude) who may not need them but does know that they can switch things up which usually can be a good thing.

    Live and let live!

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    Well said Lys! I mean think about it; what if you are one cockring away from the best sex of your life? ;)

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