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SHOP: Boutique Orlando’s Style

Store Elements

Products: Crew neck sweaters, T-shirts from Entree Ls and Pink Dolphins, exclusive limited watches from G-shocks and a whole collection of vintage throwbacks

Price point: under 100$ for most of the items

Team: Tight team of Cool Kids’ who are also buyers, receptionists, PR, stylists and salespeople. Think Warhol factory team inspired.

Target demographic: In Orlando’s words, “People that wanna dress nice, fly and be a part of something!”.

Suaveness and urbanity! That’s what you sense upon entering 1453 rue Lambert-Closse in Montreal. Orlando’s Style, a store that opened in April of 2011, has that nostalgic vibe that keeps you returning.

Right next to the neighborhood barbershop, in an up and coming part of downtown, the boutique shares that sense of belonging and is warm and welcoming, from it’s décor to its staff. Yes, I’ve touched on that “feel” but, it is the aspect which Orlando worked steadily to create.

Decked out with skateboards, jarred candies, toys and vintage items such as lunchboxes and a throwback boom box, you would think that you had stepped into Orlando’s room from when he was a teenager. Already making a name for himself in a generation of youth that gets inspired by big names like Chris Brown, Mac Miller or Wiz Khalifa, Orlando does not fail to target that demography with its wants.

Inspired by the time he spent living in New York City, Orlando immigrated that upscale, Urbano-American sensibility to the store. With exclusive premium New York and LA labels contributing to the flavour, Orlando is excited to be adding his Chicago friends from “Leaders” to the equation.

Exclusivity has its privileges and Orlando works hard to ensure that he has the jump on those future powerhouses emerging on the scene. Thus, offering to his clients limited run quantities for Quebec and sometimes Canada…quite the feat! Through social media like Facebook and Twitter, he alerts his clients with posts and tweets a couple of hours before the release of a brand (when Orlando brought “Pink Dolphins” to his store in early September, there was a line-up of people waiting in the rain to get their hands on the exclusive brand, which sold out in under 2 minutes).

Orlando’s Style also keeps a relationship with his customer via social media. Posting videos of his buying trips to Vegas (attending the famed Magic Show) in search of the next hot brands, his whereabouts and his mantras, he’s attempting to create more than just a store and more of a unique lifestyle journey (trendsetting not following).

PS: You can also send a picture of yourself to Orlando wearing your Orlando’s Styles item (s) and he will put it on the Facebook page.

Boutique Orlando’s Style

1453 Lambert-Closse (corner de Maisonneuve West)
Montreal, Canada

New products almost every two weeks and special limited edition on certain products every week, so stay in touch via:

Facebook / Twitter / Blog

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  1. awesome boutique really like thats its a dude store not enough.

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