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What’s in yourKloset?

When I first came to this city I was astonished by the amount of well-dressed women and men. I have visited two of the main fashion capitals in the world (London and Paris) and I can assure that Montreal isn’t too far off. Sure, fashion-wise, we’re not as bold as the English or as proper as the French. We are not as sensual as the Spanish either. Montrealers are, by far, all of these, and that’s what makes them unique.

On every street, there is a fashionista. We should reward those people who take the time, every morning, or for some every other morning, to represent this city for what it really is: The fashion capital of Canada.

My first stop was at the Concordia University campus where I met this lovely lady.

Helene bought her gray dress in Chiang Mai, Thailand and her leather jacket in Quito, Ecuador. Only in Montreal can a lady head to class in heels.

The next wonderful lady was heading out to her graduation party. Quite classy. She didn’t have time to tell me what she was wearing and where she got her dress but she had the time to take a picture.

But, I must admit, Montreal women do not like to be photographed, and that’s really unfortunate. So if you are unexpectedly approached for a picture, please smile kindly and strike a pose. The city as a whole will thank you for it!

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