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UNTTLD Spring 2012 – MFW 21

UNTTLD is the ongoing collaborative work of Montreal based designers Jose Manuel St. Jacques and Simon Belanger. With philosophies like: “…celebrates the shameless and untamed.” and “…about the freedom to redefine ourselves everyday.”, it is no surprise that these two designers would give us our time’s worth.

To the beat of futuristic breaks, a dreamworld of edgy day and evening wear, in black and or white, were featured. Body conscious, distressed crochet knits, transparent fabrics and lots of excess ties to tie things together all over (creating your own look and silhouette).

With Jose’s savvy of textiles and techniques acquired at Concordia’s faculty of Fine Arts and Simon’s degree from the Domus Academy of Milan, a unique, high end and avant-garde collection was conceived.

The UNTTLD label are also finalists in the Mercedes-Benz StartUp initiative and will be showing again in Toronto during LG Toronto Fashion Week.

At UNTTLD, there are no rules! Good luck!

Photos courtesy of Allen McEachern and Jimmy Hamelin.

Find out more about UNTTLD.  For more on this and other shows @ Montreal Fashion Week.

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