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Thrifting the night away

Have you ever had one of those days when you just wanted something new to wear out so you figured you would just go to H&M and try and find something for $20? I know I find myself doing that often, but in the end whatever I buy winds up at the back of my closet and I never wear it again. That’s why I love vintage shopping! I put this outfit together and if you can believe it, it ALL cost under $25! I love every single piece and they’re all current trends. Searching for a sheer maxi skirt? Go to value village and look at the slips! Sift through the mens t-shirts at a thrift shop to find that perfect grungy t-shirt. This cape may have been sheer luck, but if you take the time to look you often get lucky. It takes a little effort, but I promise you’ll find something you love instead of just something to wear. Next time you have that awful “i’ll just spend $20″ urge save your 20 bucks for when you have a little time to rummage, or take yourself out for dinner!

hat kenisngton market $5

cape value village $7

maxi skirt value village $3

shoes value village $5

t shirt thrift shop on bloor (bleached & cut myself) $4

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