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On to the Next One… Spring/Summer 2011

With European fashion weeks coming to an end, I must admit I am deeply disappointed. I know most of these shows are really just for show and are imaginary interpretations of a 16th century Italian kingdom in the year 2150, but REALLY. I just thought many were too far fetched or too gender bending; usually many designers put outlandish costumes on the runway. This year everything looked wearable, just not so sellable. I am the first to push the envelope and try new fashions, but some of these made me feel like a priest. Many of the collections were similar to each other, with the same color combos and themes but just taken a step too far.  Here is a quick rundown of the runway:

HITS: BALMAIN… Very classic looks with their rocker/military edge.

MISSES: Dr. Denim at Prada/Toight, Sheer at Lanvin, and Paper bag Princess at Dolce & Gabbana.

Notables: Color at DSquared/Sailor at Junya Watanabe/Stunner Shades at Acne.

I also want to acknowledge the brilliance that is Thom Browne. His lunar-inspired fashion show wasn’t too over the moon and I just wish I could wear his clothing. Let me know who your favorites were, or if you agree with my overall disappointment.

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