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True Marriage

Last week Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government stated they would support legislation which will define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  Stephen Harper stated in the Conservative campaign last April before the election  that he had no intention of opening such debate on same-sex marriage.  He lied.

On that note, Stephen Harper and the Conservative government also refines the legislation entailing freedom of religion regarding same-sex marriage with a clause that states that the Conservative Party of Canada: “supports the freedom of religious organizations to refuse to perform unions or allow the use of their facilities for events that are incompatible with their faith and beliefs”.

So a gay couple could not only be not allowed to be married at the church they  grew up in, supported and invested their income in, they could be refused service because of sexual orientation.  Stephen Harper is allowing religious groups with the legal option to segregate and discriminate against not only those unions – but the human right of any individual as it is expressed with regard to sexual orientation.  That being said, not only could a church refuse marriage, a Justice of the Peace could also refuse service because of religious values.  What this boils down to for the gay community is “get married if you can”.

While our bordering American neighbour’s in New York State last week legalized same-sex marriage, in 2011, Canada takes a step backward.  Stephen Harper: The Prevention of Progress.

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