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To Strike or Not To Strike

These poor law abiding flight attendants have been judicially raped. There rights taken away!

We have a labour minister who is completely out of touch with reality. The flight attendants have been screaming for months, if not years that they’re tired of working for free (literally), sleeping on floors, lost income, starting income below poverty line and numerous unfathomable conditions. Yet, OUR minister straight faced and all stated, “I just don’t know why the flight attendants are upset. Why would they turn down an agreement which  gives them 80% of what they asked for?”

80%? Bullshit! Let me explain to you, to the best of my knowledge as to why the flight attendants are pissed. Now remember, I’m not one of them but lets’ say I’ve dated and traveled with them and have gotten close to them.

The biggest factor the union accomplished after years of requests, was Duty-4. What this means is that if you’re on duty for 13 hours, you’ll receive 9 hours pay. This is a big hurrah for them. HUGE! But let’s bring it down to ‘you and me’. If I’m at my office for 13 hours, I better get 13 hours of pay. Makes sense? Yet these flight attendants were pleased with this. Right now if they’re on duty for 13hours they can get 6.5 hours of pay, that’s 6.5 hours of their time, free time given to their company that they can’t and won’t receive back.

Let’s calculate how much that could be in a month. Looking at my friend’s schedule, he ‘gave’ 50 hours of his personal time to his company. That’s over 2 days! If I was asked to come to work on the weekend for free,  to do nothing but sit around? I would shit! Yet these poor saps do it every month.

Well you know they’re spoiled…

Despite all that free time, they were happy with Duty-4. So whats the problem? Why wasn’t the fact that they sleep on airport floors addressed. That alone is a serious problem.

What about flight attendants working twice in 1 day, back to back, for 4-5 days. When do they get proper sleep? A proper meal? Do they even have time to spend with their loved ones? Ahhh, fuck them! Its their fault. To get those glorious layovers  in Montreal by the airport, or the daring expeditions,  looking for lunch in downtown Winnipeg. They can handle this.

After all, they’re spoiled.

Their constant rolling fatigue will only be addressed by the company when a fatal accident happens. It’s happened to me. I’ve worked night shift at my college job and I know how tired I was. I almost had several accidents. So I can only imagine the fatigue they encounter as its not just a simple late night but also jet-lag. I couldn’t bare to do this…but then again for all those ‘free’ flights?

They’re spoiled.

The flights are not free. They pay for every flight they board and yes it may not be a lot but why should they pay so much for  empty seats to begin with. They’re good enough to serve passengers but not good enough to fly? We all have benefits for our jobs, let them enjoy theirs. If you’re jealous of their benefits, who told you not to apply?

Now you have  the Minster of Labour stating she would legislate them back to work. This totally works in favour for the employer buying them time and taking the one hand that the flight attendants had …away. But what’s this? There’s actual proof that Lisa Raitt and her assistant were awarded a free upgrade? She denies this and says she used her own certificate. If this is the case why is the C.O.O.  of this airline’s  name written as authorizing the upgrade? I smell a Raitt!

Now I hear of management bypassing security to offer a bottle of champagne to friends on a flight? This is so not acceptable. However, on a flight, a friend of mine wanted to give me a mini-bottle of rum yet she was so scared of being caught. The manager was using the flight attendant to do his personal bidding and they also illegally bypassed proper protocol.

Ahhh, well its management. They can do what they want. As flight attendants wait for their scraps.

Flight attendants get what they deserve…after all they’re spoiled!

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