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swUrl: Self Serve Frozen Yogurt

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to all my YK followers my baby, swUrl. As you know I have been dropping hints that I had moved back to Montreal to start my own business, and now I can finally reveal what it is. swUrl self-serve frozen yogurt is located at 1464 Crescent (between De Maisonneuve & St. Catherine… Look for the green hands). It is a concept founded in California that I fell in love with and had to bring it to Canada. If you are not familiar with the self-serve concept, I will give you the swUrl tutorial. Basically there are 3 easy steps:

1) swUrl: Grab a cup and select your flavors

2) savor: pick your toppings, weigh & Pay


We have eight flavors; four that are swUrl standards (Original, Pomegranate, Chocolate & Vanilla) and four that rotate every Monday which are usually 2 fruits and 2 fun. This week we have Watermelon and Blueberry and Coffee and Cheesecake. We have over 40 toppings, which include the most POPular Pop Tart, May West, Cereals, Candy, and Freshly cut fruit. It is then weighed on the scale and priced at $0.45/once.

What separates us from the competition is our friendly & fashionable staff (decked in Naked & Famous Shirts and TOMS shoes, bow ties and hats) and the fact that our place is peanut and nut free.  Oh and how could I forget Frogurt, our mascot, who can be seen roaming the streets, in people’s photos or the key to getting a picture with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.  Come sample our Yogurt or just pass by and say hello.

We are building our website but to stay in the loop follow us on twitter @swurlyogurt or join us on our facebook group “swUrl Frogurt”.

Special for YK Readers: Come in and Mention yourKloset and receive 10% off your 1st Purchase.


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  1. TakWang Chan says:

    You guys Rock Thanks for bringing the concept to Canada! Who started first? You or Yep? It doesn’t really matter cause you both deserve Kudos for bring the concept here. All The Best! L+R Tak

  2. TakWang Chan says:

    Thanks Haha!

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