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Peace, Love, and Prom!

The 80’s isn’t only taking the fashion world by storm this summer; it’s also rocking the ice cream world!  On August 20th, from 7 p.m.until midnight, Ben & Jerry’s on 1316 De Maisonneuve Ouest , Montreal, is hosting an 80’s prom night, complete with a photo booth, a red carpeted “Grand March”, and 2 for 1 deals on ice cream if you and your “date” for the evening dress up for the special event.  So get out your 80s dress up duds that you’ve had stored away in your closet and get ready to strut your stuff!  How often do you get rewarded for dressing in colors brighter than a fluorescent crayon box?!? Answer: Practically never, so live it up!

Besides being chock full of sick 80s hits, neon dresses with puff sleeves, and bad make-up and hair, the night will also consist of a contest for Ben & Jerry’s prom king and queen.  Winners of the contest will receive 40% discounts on their ice creams.

If you don’t end up winning these coveted titles however, don’t worry. Ben & Jerry’s will be offering other PROMotions during the night to make it almost as special as your real prom night.  For more information, join the event’s Facebook group. I’ll be seeing you there!

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