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No Sleep ‘Til…Toronto? Why Toronto is the new Brooklyn.

New York has long been the producer of leading alternative bands such as Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, and The Strokes… Need I say more? However, the last couple of years have revealed a new scene germinating in Brooklyn. The bands that were playing shows at Union Pool instead of Manhattan’s Bowery Ballroom created a zeitgeist that probably felt as magical as the 90s Seattle scene or the 70s CBGB scene. But like every good music scene, it becomes widely popular and loses its substance. In short, Brooklyn has lost its magic.

So where can that underground magic be found? The answer is Toronto. Trust me, I wouldn’t be saying this if it weren’t true. For years I have always been jealous of Brits, or New Yorkers, who seem to always be amidst such exciting music scenes and resented living here. That is, until now. Here are a few bands that you should check out if you find yourself  in T.O.

Trust The unsigned duo started out earlier this year and are getting rave reviews among tastemakers and the Toronto electronic scene. The band only has a couple songs on their myspace but will soon be releasing two 12-inch vinyl singles. Standout tracks such as Candy Walls and Bulbform promise listeners that there is more goth dance music to come. Seeing as how this is their first year, it’s hard to say how far vocalist/synth player Robert Alfons and percussionist Maya Postepski will take Trust. But “trust” me, soon googling this band’s name will be a number 1 hit.

Bishop Morocco The post-punk influences of Jesus & Mary Chain are beyond audible in Bishop Morocco’s music. They mix electronic with indie rock so well that their shows are one of the most dynamic and exciting on the scene today. Their music is incredibly nostalgic – listen to Last Year’s Disco Guitars. I weep.

Little Girls Not only has NYLON TV used their songs multiple times, but Little Girls have quickly become one of the most exciting exports from Toronto. The echo-distorted pop songs are cheerful with a classic dark edge. Little Girls started up as Josh McIntyre in his bedroom, with no idea of what Little Girls was supposed to be like. But songs like Youth Tunes and What We Did are so catchy and hard not to love that he was soon featured on go-to blogs and quickly got picked up by Mexican Summer, Captured Tracks, and Paper Bag Records. Josh is one of Toronto’s music darlings and will probably continue to churn out awesome songs for years to come… And maybe not just with Little Girls.

Teenanger If you live in the city, chances are you’ve seen them play. Toronto has a reputation for being a hard crowd to get moving at a show – in fact, its downright hilarious how stern people look opposite of a stage. But this band has no trouble making people throw their bodies into other sweaty bodies. They are an awesome garage band (and we’re not using the term ‘garage’ lightly here, kids). Too Nice To Say No and You’re My Baby really make you wish you had a tambourine to dance with.

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