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Montreal’s Heat Wave Fashion

Montreal women braved the sudden heatwave in July with some fabulous ensembles.Three weeks ago, I went shopping on Sainte-Catherine street when I spotted this lovely gal.

This dress is perfect on a hot summer day. What I love about this ensemble is the choice of colors. The colours are very neutral and earthy, a total contrast from what’s expected for this season. I love how she added a belt that sits just above her waist to create a shape to the dress. I am obsessed with belts and I tend to pair it off with just about anything these days. The whole combination with the sandals is heat wave chic.

I’ll make it known, I’m a Concordia U student and I always, randomly, run into someone whose kloset envy.

This damsel wore black all over with a striped long top which creates the very dark and very light contrast that I like. The tunic and the scarf are from H&M, the leather jacket and leggings are from Sirens and the sandals are from a random shop in New Jersey (which is too bad for the rest of us). I also like her hairstyle as well but that’s another story. Fear not, this picture was taken days before the heatwave. Our damsel didn’t melt that day.

I also like the clothing contrast here too. What I liked the most was that she wore dark colours and paired it all off with a yellow bag (NOTE my other obsession…colourful bags). I also like that there is one thing going on and that’s her top. The rest of her outfit compliments the top.  Her outfit is great and effortless. Her top and sandals are from Forever 21, the leggings and bag are from Aldo.

Back on the streets I was. I came across three more ladies while walking on Sherbrooke street.

This outfit is wonderful in many ways. It’s the contrast and it’s the belt. I love that she pulled off a ruffled skirt and a blouse without making either items impose itself on the whole outfit…I’ll explain. I find that with these kinds of combination’s, at times, it’s too much. But in this case, I think she nicely evened all of it out by adding a black tank-top underneath her blouse taking the attention away from the skirt itself. The rolled cuff are also very nice. I believe I saw a similar blouse at Banana Republic. I wish I would have asked her what she was wearing…I desperately want her sandals!

It was a hot summer day but this aspiring model was still on the streets…wearing jeans! She did the opposite of most gals on this post: she wore light colour items. I typically avoid the combination out of fear of looking washed out but she made it work. I think that the color combination is perfect for us ladies who have the extra melanin. Also, I like that the shirt just falls nicely on her shoulders; and, despite my love for belts, she worked the top without the buckled accessory. The sandals,  I heart them! She told me she got her top, pants and sandals from Zara….on sale. I guess we missed out ladies.

Last but not least…You guessed it, I was a sucker for the contrast. I simply love white shorts since we put them away for the rest of the year. What’s great about the outfit is the striped top with the shorts. My fashion noggin is telling me that this Montrealer imitated the nautical trend. I like that she added an extra belt to create a form and that she added a long chain to accessorize the outfit. The shoes are also lovely.

I didn’t have time to write down what she wore because I was also in a rush but this is a perfect example of an awesome outfit without the frou frou and blah blah. That’s all I have this week….but I was thinking, how about you share with us what you have in your closet?

Get those digital cameras, hang out on the streets of your respective city and send us a picture of yourself, from head to toe. Let us know what’s in your closet and you might be featured on our next post.

Please send your images to Fellas are welcomed too.

Don’t forget to tells us where you’re from and what you’re wearing. C’mon, we can’t let Montrealers have all the fun.

Till then, I’ll be watching…

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