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I Want Candy… Candi Bar That Is!

After months and months of soured plans and bitter disappointments, I finally visited the sweetest spot on the island of Montreal, Candi Bar.  Growing up, I had as much of a sweet-tooth as the next cavity-prone tot, so when I heard rumors about this candy wonderland for grownups, I couldn’t wait to try it out.  Located at 1148 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Candi Bar is the confection of Paulo Branco, the owner of two other well-known Montreal theme-bars, Go-Go Lounge and Chez Serge. Candi Bar could put many of the city’s candy stores to shame with its collection of candy dispensers placed at every table.

For 25 cents, you get a heaping handful of baby pacifiers, jaw-breakers, or sweet-tarts. And if these don’t satisfy your candy craving, there are always the bar’s main attraction: its unique slushy drinks.  My inner girly-girl couldn’t resist choosing the “Tiffany & Co,” a cool combination of raspberry vodka, raspberry slush, and blue caraçao, complete with my favorite childhood candy, a ringpop.  My roommate opted for the “Petard,” a drink that literally is an explosion in a glass:  poprocks mixed with liquor and cherry slush. I’d order this drink again based on the entertainment factor alone!

Our potent potions in hand, we left the multi-colored Mega Blok bar to grab a seat on some leggy-stools that, from behind, make for a cheeky photo-op. It’s hard to stay seated for very long, however, since Candi Bar’s DJ plays a great mix of modern and classic dance hits.  Soon, we were out on the floor, happier than kids in a candy store as we danced to Will Smith’s “Miami” and “ABC” by the Jackson 5, in a bubble-gum colored haze created by the bar’s florescent floor lights and a fog machine. The only downside to the night was that we had to eventually go home. One thing’s for sure, Candi Bar has definitely “raised the bar” for a stellar night on the town in my opinion!

Picture credits – Tourisme Montreal

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