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Back to School Fashion

It’s that time of the year: FALL FASHION. Things are back to normal, our summer clothes are tucked away for the next three seasons and we stocked up our closets for the school year. Nothing says fall like scarfs, sweaters, hats and (brace yourself) boots.

Don’t you love fall fashion? Montrealers do. Our ladies are strutting their stuff in their respective campuses and in downtown Montreal.

It’s the layers

I absolutely adore the following outfits because these ladies truly put comfort and fashion all in one. I won’t lie, I’m a big fan of scarfs that keep you warm and fashionable all year round.

She added layers without looking like she’s drowning in the outfit. I love her choice of neutral colours and how she nicely paired off her long sweater, a fairly long scarf and long top underneath for a stylish yet cosy ensemble. called it first: we are under wraps this season.

This is the perfect example of layering many outfits together without looking too bulky. She’s currently wearing three layers of clothes with each colour sitting nicely with one another. This Montrealer is wearing a pretty white scarf from H&M, a purse from Zadig and Voltaire, a jean jacket, stripped shirt and knitted black vest from Zara.

Military Fatigue

It looks like the military look never left Montreal. Her hefty boots don’t overpower the whole ensemble at all. Also her green jacket adds to the whole military allure and to top it off, she added a black shirt and grey pants that compliment the ensemble letting her boots and jacket do all the work. The scarf, while grey, keeps everything neutral.

Graphic Tees’ Revenge

Montrealers love their graphic tees and sweaters.  Don’t throw them away, they seem to be coming back in full force. This studious student did it well. Slap on some boots and some nice pair of jeans and you’re ready to go.

You can’t go wrong when matching a graphic tee with a sleeveless vest. She kept the focus on one thing, and that’s her top. It doesn’t overpower the rest of her ensemble and keeps all the attention to her favourite band. This Montrealer cut up her t-shirt but bought her vest at Zara, her jeans at Forever XXI, and her bag at, you guessed it, Marc Jacobs.

KISS: Keep It Simple Silly

What’s not to like about this outfit? Seriously, what’s not to like? She’s wearing high waist jeans, a trend Montrealers adore, oxfords with yellow socks and a wide top to top it all off. She nicely paired off a slightly looser top and tucked it in which keeps her figure in tact. It’s a simple outfit but it does so much with very little.

This is the perfect example of how one accessory can make the difference on a whole outfit. While ankle boots are the rage, I can appreciate someone taking the easy route with a small shoe just at the ankle. A pair of jeans, nice shoes, nice top and a jacket (with colors that work with one another) is a fairly simple outfit but sometimes, the earrings makes all the difference.

She actually wore two denim items of different tones and made it work.  The light brown shoes is a good addition and a nice change from the typical black boots (we all know we love them). Another addition to her outfit is the nice small satchel she has on the side.

It’s classy, it’s clean, and it’s dark without venturing into the “goth zone”…not.that.there’s.anything.wrong.with.that…… The jacket, the dark tapered jeans and the flats makes her outfit very clean. Let’s not forget the dark scarf that adds that extra touch of classy yet studious look.


The best way to keep warm is to buy a jacket. The jacket is fantastic but so are the boots that are nicely paired off with black tights who don’t distract from the skirt and the top. Everything just fits nicely. The colors all work together which is a must. It’s a very clean look and great style for work.

It has everything you might like: yellow shoes that pop out from afar,  a nice colourful top matched with neutral colors, shorts and tights to keep everything light on the eyes but warm for the weather.  Me gusta mucho!


Will Montrealers trade their fashionable shoes for warmer ones once the temperature drops? I hear this season, Mother nature won’t be so forgiving.

Till then, I’ll be watching…

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