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Armen at the Bazaar

Armen at the Bazaar

Armen Bazarian was born to play music. When he was 4, the McGill graduate  started singing, learning to play guitar, piano, drums and bass. Woah. yourKloset’s E sat down with the one-man 4-piece band, known as Armen at the Bazaar, to chat.

E4YK: So, you write all your own music and lyrics. Pretty intense. What’s that whole process like for you?

Armen at the Bazaar: The music comes first. I’ll start just fucking around on the guitar, 90% of which will sound like crap, but then something good will come up and it will stick in my head, and I’ll build off that. For the lyrics, it’s the same idea. I’ll literally be singing in gibberish, not even making real words, but then, phonetically, the gibberish will sound like a word and I’ll be like “Woah! That’s what this song could be about.” And then it just develops.

E4YK: I’m pretty much at a loss when trying to fit your music into a genre. How would you classify Armen at the Bazaar?

Armen at the Bazaar: I have it under “easy listening or healing” on my MySpace…

Armen Bazarian

E4YK: That actually seems like a pretty good fit. Was “easy-listening” always your music taste?

A@B: Haha, no. Back in high school, I loved Blink 182. (laughs) It was once I got to McGill when my auditory palate exploded. You know, a new city with new people, sounds of different styles and countries all coming at you. That’s what I find most inspiring about what I do, just knowing that music can be ANYTHING, no matter how experimental, how it could seem like just some noise, and yet still be music. It’s a nice safety net knowing there can be no limits.

E4YK: Yeah, and Montreal’s such a great city for new music.

A@B: Yeah! I’m originally from Toronto, but I came here for McGill. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m going to stay here and work on this project. I’m treating it like a full time job. Waking up every day and just practicing.

E4YK: Are you playing any shows now?

A@B: I’ve got 2 shows lined up for March, 2 for April. I love performing live. I’m only 5’2, but on stage I feel 8 ft tall. I just get high on stage. I close my eyes and just fall into a zone. I want to be playing shows 2-3 times a week. I want to do it until I drop. You know, that’s the thing about being a solo act. The second I stop, so does Armen at the Bazaar. But before then, hopefully, someone will say, “This kid is good.  Let’s give him a shot”.

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