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LG Fashion Week: Line Knitwear

Landing the closing show at LG Fashion Week may be marked with prestige for the designer but for those of us who had been shacked up at Heritage Court all week, it was a sensationally welcome indicator that the end was near.

The burnout was palpable as editors impatiently tried to flash media passes, just for a moment of silence in the bleachers of a runway that was still being set up, all being told that it would only be a few more minutes (even if you were THAT editor at Flare). A few more moments until the Line Knitwear show and only a few more for the monstrosity that was LG Fashion Week to be over. We all couldn’t wait.

With the biggest throng of sensible kitten-heel wearing fans yet (no, none were the studded Valentino’s, I checked ) it was no surprise that Line Knitwear had an encore show and that there was an eagerness resembling the excitement before a Lykke Li concert in the well-ventilated air.

Finally, when the lights went dim, I began to dream up the latest fashion technology, allowing me to fast-forward through the show. The models, merely projections I had control over. Perhaps I was just delirious – I was. When the first look came out however, all I wanted to do was pause. With a dusty grey crocheted throw swung over one shoulder and belted onto a full-length knit dress in a chalky brown, I just wanted to slip into it and out into the streets. Then the crochet kept coming, each more charming than the next. Long plum crocheted skirts were layered with knits and fur, while a scarf had panels of lilac coloured plushy velvet between delicate crocheted patterns, the same being done in a full-length skirt. Then the one piece, that had me already wishing, came out: a deep-mustard long sleeved crocheted dress, falling beyond the models feet to the floor and when she turned around a plunging open back. Although it was the F/W 2011 I couldn’t help imagining it on the first sticky day of summer.

Between the ephemeral crochet and the plush smoky knits, all just long enough and cut wide enough to wrap yourself and someone else in, there were a few pieces that gave the collection a feeling like it belonged at the crafty one-of-a-kind show. Loopy knits, both sleeved and not, were too conservative, the cut a few inches too short, while matchy fur trim and vests seemed only to be thrown in because it’s a ‘thing’ this year.

There were perfectly-large sweaters along with every kind of crochet that had me and the Lush girls sitting beside me completely smitten, and then there was the rest. It seemed designers John Muscat and Jennifer Wells weren’t clear about what their theme of ‘migrant muse’ was. Was it an Eastern European grandmother knitting patchy sweaters she had learned from a scrap department store catalogue? Or was it her leggy niece, stealing men’s sweaters and layering scarves and crocheted throws to stand out amongst the commoner?

Photos courtesy of Jenna Marie Wakani for

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