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LG Fashion Week has arrived…

I’m sorry readers, I’ve been a bad blogger the past two days of LG Fashion Week here in Toronto. It’s the end of Day 3, and I haven’t posted a thing! I promise you, the reasoning behind this is valid. Over the past few days I’ve been compiling interviews and runway footage for a very exciting feature coming this weekend. In collaboration with the The Fashion Collective we’ll be presenting you with an amazing video project featuring some of the most exciting up-and-coming designers in Toronto. One of those designers is actually a duo, and they are well on their way to building a brand recognizable not only in Canada, but around the world.

I want it, I want it, I want it! Honestly readers, that is all I can think to say as I sit down here to write a review of their show which took place Tuesday afternoon at Heritage Court. Garnering comparisons to the extremely retail-friendly and universally respected Alexander Wang, this sophomore collection was trendy and of the moment. That’s not to say that it wasn’t also innovative and sophisticated. These two ladies seem to have their finger(s) on the pulse of what their customers want to wear.

Last season the sisters debuted their first collection for LG Fashion Week. I instantly fell in love with their creativity, and impressive styling. It felt as though I had met my soul mate, but instead of the tall, dark, handsome astronaut I had dreamed of for so many years, it presented itself to me in the form of intricately draped jackets and dresses for Spring 2011. Like most of my favourite designers, the designers incredible skill and attention to detail really came out with the Fall collection. Though last seasons presentation certainly let us know that this was a duo to watch out for, the collection shown this Tuesday screamed, “WE HAVE ARRIVED”. Elements of the previous collection that had fallen short were re-evaluated and the result was an impressive collection filled with pieces that have the fashion scene whipping out their over-drawn credit cards and wishing for winter to, gasp, stay a little longer.

Playing around with the aesthetic of the urban nomad, the scene was set from the very beginning. A black trench coat featuring over-sized silver buckles was draped over a sheer dress and a strategically placed chain of safety pins, giving it a punkish edge that would make Vivienne Westwood proud. And the genius did not stop there. Chloe and Parris appear to have a solid understanding of what fabrics can do for a garment. Their sweaters and jackets combined wool, leather, and silkier fabrics to create beautifully layered pieces that flowed effortlessly down the runway. Though mixing too many fabrics in one garment can overwhelm, they managed to combine textures with ease.

Much like their previous collection, each outfit was as interesting from the front as it was from behind, with unexpected draping and asymmetrical hemlines. A cozy looking, Wang-esque sweater surprised us on the way back with a cascading chiffon-like material that fell to just below the thigh. A black tunic with mesh detailing revealed a completely sheer back that drew attention to the gorgeous curves of the model and was oh-so-chic paired with silky, loose-fitting trousers.

The pair are well on their way to honing their crafts into a multi-national brand, but that isn’t to say they’ve figured everything out just yet. A pair of ultra-ultra-ullllltra low, skin-tight pants were constructed out of a terribly unflattering striped fabric that hugged at all the wrong places, even on the teeny-tiny models on the runway. That same fabric was also responsible for an ill-fitting dress that looked like it had been used as a make-shift towel on laundry-day.

The accessories on the other hand, were always on point. Don’t be surprised if you see that perfectly over-sized, buckle-bedazzled backpack in your classroom this fall, or walking down your street. Long black beaded chains were adorned with a key-like pendant, and safety pins made more than one appearance, acting as necklaces, bracelets, and even body chains.

My personal favourites from the show: the amazing leather bermuda shorts which featured cut outs on the sides, fastened by the same thick buckle seen on the trenches and bags, and the perfect everyday dress which featured a structured wool top, and empire waist silky skirt. All in all, Chloe comme Parris may just be the next label from Canada to join the ranks of Mark Fast and Jeremy Laing on the international circuit.

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